How To Use Digilocker | Easy Steps To Upload Driving Licence, RC, Insurance

How To Use Digilocker | Easy Steps To Upload Driving Licence, RC, Insurance paper in Digilocker. Now after hearing about the Free and online service of DigiLocker the every person comes with a lot of question in mind as How do I access Digiloaker , How to Upload Online Documents (Mark sheet).

How To Use Digilocker

The most and best initiative by the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government Of India is the facility to use each and every important documents at online. The Citizens, Students, and any person can use the Online Digital Locker System to upload and save your documents.

The DigiLocker App or Website now provides features to upload and access to Authentic Issued Digital Documents (PAN Verification Record, Driving License, Vehicle RC, Aadhaar, Educational and Other Certificates) at anywhere, any time when you required. As per the MEITY rules this digital document and certificate as uploads by Register candidates is a legally valid.

Thus to resolve all query the Department has been schedule the seminar and provide all the related query answer at official website So all the candidates are requested to go though this article to get each and very details for Digilocker Registration Process, Upload Documents, How to get a DigiLocker account etc.

Is Digilocker Safe or Not ?

If in your mind have question Digilocker is Safe or not ? than we say it is 100% safe for upload and store our documents.

Digilocker comes under the scheme of digital India which is provided by the ministry of electronics and IT (MeitY). Digilocker works as a document locker of the citizen of India. This is a cloud-based storage system which provides storage for the citizens to keep driving license, documents/certificates vehicle registration, etc. these certificates will be saved in the locker same as they were provided to the person by the issuer.

Apart from general storage, an extra 1 GB storage is provided to keep scanned copies of the documents. Users who have registered for the Digi locker App or PC will get cloud storage which will be linked to that person’s Aadhar (UIDAI) number. Government services are registered at the Digi locker too.

When a candidate applies for any documents such as driving license, license providing authorities can directly send the document to the candidate’s Digi locker. Digilocker can be called citizen lockers too.     

How to Make Account / Register on Digilocker

Register/sign up/making an account at Digi locker is an easy process. Digitizing things means the process is easy and digital. 

  • At first, go to the official site of Digilocker.
  • A page will open on your screen containing all the information of Digi locker. 
  • At the bottom of the page, you will come across the signup option.

  • Click on the signup option.
  • After clicking on the signup option you will be redirected to another page.
  • Now enter your Aadhar Number.

  • Now Use OTP or Fingerprint Option to Aadhar validation.

  • At that page, you will be asked to provide your phone number.
  • After filling phone number click on the continue button.
  • An OTP will be sent to that phone number.
  • Put the OTP in the box provided for it.
  • After that, you will be asked to choose a username and password.

  • After you have made your account on Digi locker provide your Aadhaar number to avail more services.
  • Now your account is created and sign in for further use.

What are the Benefits of Digilocker

The Digi locker scheme was introduced to make India paperless. By digitizing every process even saving the documents will save papers. These documents which are saved in Digi locker are original documents which are provided by the issuer itself. This paperless technique will eliminate the use of physical documentation. Use of Digi locker has many benefits.

  • A registered person can access its Digi locker anytime, from anywhere s/he likes. This way a person will not be held back by not having a hard copy of the required documents. 
  • Digilocker saves time by letting people use e copy of their documents. A person does not need to go through all the procedures to get a document.
  • It saves the government authorities the burden of having paper documents. Paper documents require physical space and they require a lot of attention. Paperless documentation saves their time and work too. 
  • Digilocker documents are authenticated documents issued by the registered issuers itself hence document validification is easier to check. 
  • Scanned copies that are uploaded by the user can be signed electronically using the e-sign facility. This e-sign process is the same as self-attestation.

How To Use & How to Upload Documents Online at Digilocker Account

Digilocker comes with many facilities and one of them is the smartphone app. Digi locker can be accessed through the website and it’s the Android app. 

Website: If you want to use it on the website go to the link provided above to access your account. On the official site, you will see and sign in option. Use your username and password to open your account and see if any documentation has been uploaded to your account.

App: To use Digi locker in your smart device it is a best option to download the app. The app does not take much space and you do not have to use username and password to open your account again and again. 

  • Download the dig locker app on your smart device using the play store.
  • Set it on your mobile and open it.
  • The app might ask permission to access some of your folders if you want to give permission then say allow and if you don’t then say deny.
  • To open your account use your account’s username and password. 
  • Once you have signed in on the app you do not need to go through the signing in the process all the time when you need a document.
  • If you feel unsafe with your documents lying in your phone like that then use app protection.

The app and website both are very easy to use to Access and Upload Documents at Digi-Locker. If you have not given it a try then why not try it now?

Documents can be uploaded at Digi locker using the ‘upload documents’ section provided in the user’s account

  • To upload a document click on ‘upload documents’. 

  • After clicking on it you will be asked to choose a file from which you want to upload the document. 

  • Choose the file which you want to upload in your Digi locker. 
  • Open the file after it has been uploaded in the locker to complete the process.

  • Now you can view your documents from the Digilocker account.

If you want to assign your document a type then click on ‘select doc type’ option. This option will show a pop up with various document types. Choose the option which is appropriate for your document and click ‘save’. The saved file can be deleted and renamed too. 

Process of Rename Uploaded Document’s in Digilocker

To rename the document right-click on it, a column will pop out in front of you with various options. Click on the ‘rename’ option. Then type the name you want to give to your document. Delete option to appears on that column. Click on delete to delete a document from the locker.     

A file with a maximum size of 10 MB can be uploaded in the device. Other size files greater than this can not be uploaded in the Digi locker. All document type files can be uploaded in the Digi locker. 

How to Share Documents

Now the candidates those have Uploaded document at Digilocker can share their document by Email, Facebook to other use. The candidates can access their certificate or documents by easily sharing though various platform. Follow below simple steps to share your Digilocker documents in one click.

The Digi locker serves the best for its consumers there is no doubt to that. But there are still some citizens who do not trust this locker entirely. This locker provides a space for the documents. This is a step further to make India digital.  

How to e-Sign Document/Certificate

The applicants can e-sign their uploaded document and certificate to use security or theft or loss. It is easily protected by eSign through pdf file.

If any candidate have Query regarding Sign Up, Registration, Upload Certificate and other details by Digilocker is share with us. Our Expert team will reply as soon as possible.

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