Agneepath Recruitment Scheme: Everything You Need to Know About army 4 years Job

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The Central Government today launched ‘Agneepath Recruitment Scheme’ for Army Recruitment. Let us understand in points what is this scheme and how will the youth get the opportunity?

Agneepath Recruitment Scheme: The chiefs of the three services had informed Prime Minister Narendra Modi two weeks ago about the Agneepath scheme for the recruitment of soldiers, which would pave the way for inducting soldiers into the army for a short tenure.

Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

The Ministry of Defense has made major changes in the army recruitment process. The ‘Agneepath Recruitment Scheme’ has been launched by the government for army recruitment. On this occasion, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, under this, Agniveers i.e. youth will be recruited in the army for four years. This step has been taken by the government with the aim of reducing the average age of the army. He said that at present the age of the army is 32 years, which will be tried to increase to 26 years in the next few years.

He said, this scheme is a part of the government’s efforts towards reducing the expenditure and age profile of the defense forces. In such a situation, let us understand in points what is this scheme and how will the youth get the opportunity?

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Special features of Agneepath Recruitment Scheme-

  1. Recruitment in the army will be for only four years.
  2. Four-year-old soldiers will be named Agniveer.
  3. After four years, the services of the soldiers will be reviewed. After review, the services of some soldiers can be extended. The rest will be retired.
  4. A four-year job will also include six-nine months of training.
  5. Pension will not be available after retirement, but a lump sum amount will be given
  6. The special thing will be that now the army regiments will not be recruited according to caste, religion and region, but will be as a countryman. That is, youth of any caste, religion and region can apply for any regiment. Actually, infantry regiments in the army have been made since the time of the British such as Sikhs, Jats, Rajputs, Gorkhas, Dogras, Kumaon, Garhwal, Bihar, Naga, Rajputana-Rifles (Rajrif), Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (Jackalai), Jammu- Kashmir Rifles (Jackrif) etc. All these regiments are prepared on the basis of caste, class, religion and region. There is only one such regiment of independence, the Guards Regiment which was raised on the basis of All India All Class. But now it is believed in the Agniveer plan that all the regiments of the army will be based on the All India All Class. That is, any youth of the country can apply for any regiment. Since independence, it is being considered as a major defense reform in the defense sector.
  7. After getting the green signal to the scheme, recruitment rallies will start from the month of August and recruitment will start in the Army (Army, Navy and Air Force).

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Rajnath Singh said that employment opportunities will increase with the ‘Agneepath’ scheme. With the skills and experiences acquired during Agniveer service, they will get employment in various sectors. Defense Minister said that a good pay package for Agniveras, service fund package on exit after 4 years of service and a liberal ‘Death and Disability package’ have also been arranged.

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